Everyone Has An Opinion On Marketing, Here’s Ours!

Marketing itself is a very open term has made people have various opinions. With various aspects involved within the term such as ATL, BTL, digital engagement etc, everyone’s perspective about the same differs from the other.

With time, the ideologies and ways to work in the market has changed. There are the old-school agencies that tend to focus most of their efforts in branding activities like brand awareness, plans to design memorable logos to boost brand recall value etc as it is believed to have larger importance in terms of creativity and earning. The new-age thinking has very subtly blended in the marketing activities recently that believes in generating creative ideas to get in touch and engage with the audience.

It has been extremely crucial to balance the two where branding, as well as direct customer relationship, needs to be focused on. With the constant clash between the branding and digital agencies that follow varied ideologies, here is our simple opinion on Marketing, “It doesn’t make sense if it doesn’t add value”.

A strategy of 5 years to create an impeccable brand recall is not something that we believe in. If creating a brand recall with a single-digit number on a personal, one-on-one level is achieved, it talks a lot because word of mouth in today’s time is what works the best. It is important to create an action that talks about your brand, make people use your brand and talk about it themselves to generate an audience organically.

This is the simple logic we believe in, “Every action that a brand takes, has to help them gain something in return. There has to be an ROI on it and if it doesn’t, that’s a massive waste of time and money.”

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