We’re Growing And Here’s What Can Be Expected From Us In 2017!

In today’s competitive world, there’s one thing that each one of us seeks, Growth!

FYA has always looked at growth from a very “NOW” perspective. Living in the digital world, we soon noticed that technology is changing too fast and so is our growing dependency on it. The trends come in and fade away at a pace so quick that publishers, businesses and agencies are all failing to keep up with it.

Always looking at growth from a single aspect, we came to realize the importance of an in-house website department as the mobile revolution took place in 2012. It was easy to figure that with the revolution, most brands and businesses would want to have their websites revamped that can be accessed through their phones which were available in the market in various screen sizes.

Achieving much growth with the newly formed website department that functioned organically, the scenario changed and then came the trend of paid advertisements. With constant changes and to survive the upcoming trends of E-commerce websites, News and Media websites, mobile applications, etc we created a team of developers.

There was a huge amount of time that was utilized just for collecting data for the past 2 years and we realized the massive disconnect between our offline and online audience. We predicted that the analytic aspect of the business is going to be huge and we decided to make plans of expanding the development team on a very serious level to serve businesses looking out for a digital transformation.

We came across the business who don’t just need social media strategies but they wish to get into it all whether it’s building software, back-end, the analytics, reach or influencers. Understanding their needs and the demand for a system that can help them look after HR, Inventory, Accounts, Marketing, POS, CRM and Lead Management systems, etc, we created one called PULSE.

To attract more agencies and businesses, we agreed on charging a one-time fee with the liberty of choosing the module of their choice and paying for only that particular one. We strived to get past the barriers that existed due to the age-old systems where the analysis was difficult to get, their inaccessibility on the phones, etc.

We intend to grow our software and make it a system that can seamlessly help businesses to carry out their functions.

Another thing we wish to focus on this year is to create a very strong content team. When it comes to content, we are trying to create a team that can provide the best user experience as customers instead of an agency. We are looking at creating content that feels real, live and is first-hand so as to interest the audience!

These are the growth plans we see for ourselves in the coming months of 2017!