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We are an old name in the ever changing digital realm.

We are a 360° Digital Media house that works with companies to reach their audiences not only digitally, but also emotionally.

We have been here since 2012 & we don’t like to be put in a box, our focus is not only to engrain creativity but also to incorporate technological trends in our services for bringing out effective and measurable impact. Our team is spread across creative design, content, media and development. Possessing a diversified team, ensures an intuitive support to companies to provide them with delineating strategies and solutions.


Our clients are everything and good collaboration is going beyond that everything.

We want to see your awareness, revenues and impact all grow as our partnership does. We craft branding that triggers powerful responses because you first have to make the audience feel something. With equal parts – rationale and philosophical, we conjure up creatives that leave an impression on people. It’s how brands become friends, products find meaning and new ideas become contagious.

“ We developed a great partnership with the FYA Media Group and their dedication to our branding is evident in all aspects of the logo and branding design.

We appreciate their attention to detail and a creative approach to bringing our new venture to life.”

Harshal Kothari

Director Rising Events

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How to define your Brand Personality
How to define your Brand Personality

What is a brand personality? Each human is said to have a certain type of personality, the same applies to a brand when the brand is given such characteristics which can be defined as the personality of that brand.

Tips & Tricks to Work from Home
Tips & Tricks to Work from Home

During these tough times amidst the COVID-19 it is fairly easy to lose your sanity while working from home. Most people suffer from this fatal flaw — ‘Lack of Planning.’

How Social Media has Become a Ubiquitous Part of Our Daily Life
How Social Media has Become a Ubiquitous Part of Our Daily Life

Let’s be honest, I don’t think most of us would want to spend a day away without our smartphones. There is so much talk about social networks and social media everywhere. These conversations of eCommerce, valuations and the sheer time we spend on them have blended into our everyday lives. The question is what is social media and how did it become such a crucial part of our life.

Rising & Beyond Case Study

Rising & Beyond is an extension of service which is focused on M.I.C.E, Weddings & Social Events internationally.
Establishing the overall digital presence across social media platforms by creating the logo, website & brochure.

If You Don’t Understand People, You Can’t Understand Business
If You Don’t Understand People, You Can’t Understand Business

Humans are social animals; we interact with each other, share information, opinions, and experiences. It’s with this interaction that we build relationships, relationships that are the building blocks of a community and a society. A community is a group of individuals who share a set of common values and beliefs, and so is an organization.

State of Industry: Fashion & Lifestyle
State of Industry: Fashion & Lifestyle

What’s covered in this Deep Dive
1. Current Digital Trends
2. Commonly Faced Problems
3. Challenges & Opportunities
4. A New Approach to Digital Promotions
5. Future Trends

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