Rising & Beyond Case Study

About Rising & Beyond

  • Rising & Beyond is an extension of service which is focused on M.I.C.E, Weddings & Social Events internationally.
  • It initiates the process from inception to execution, to deliver a customised programme suited to one’s specific aims and objectives. 
  • It strives to ensure flawless delivery of services with a view to create an amazing experience for its clientele.

Pros & Cons

The Challenges

  • It was a challenge to separate that Rising & Beyond is an International event company and not a tourism company.
  • Keeping the designs clean and simple but still making it look amazing. 

The Advantages

  • Since the parent company Rising Events was 10 years old, a sense of trust is established.
  • The fact that they had already done few international weddings & they had a strong partnership across Hotels internationally.

Logo Creation 

A Logo is a company’s unique visual identifier and it needs to be memorable, versatile and timeless

Final Logo


Website Creation 

A great website is much more than beautiful elements and animations. A website can have stunning imagery but meeting the business need and being guided by your specifications only happens when you personalize your design at a conceptual level with a mockup, a wire frame, and a project management process to fill each and everyone of your needs.

Rising And Beyond Website 

Custom Feature 

The impression you make on the users can either get them to remain on your page and learn about your business or leave your page and turn to a competitor. A good web design helps you keep your leads on your page.
As the focus of Rising And Beyond was totally on the international pictures we made a customized design keeping in mind the photos as the priority.

Brochure Creation 

Being a form of direct communication to your customers through a well planned brochure!

Social Media  

Being consistent in your post frequency is really important in order to grow a social media audience.

We make sure it is maintained by storytelling in the form of artwork.

Instagram Posts 

Lead Generation Funnel Flow

Promoted Posts

The Results

Leads delivered  120+

Duration   3 months

Website Sessions  4,500+

Average Session Duration  1 minute 10 seconds +

New Users   1,500+