Raheja Universal Case Study

About Raheja

  • Raheja Universal is one of the most well known and reputed brands in the real estate sector. They have completed Landmark Commercial projects: Raheja Chromium, Raheja Centre-Point. Raheja Plaza. Raheja Titanium and Stanchart Tower.
  • FYA has had a long-standing relationship with Raheja Universal for lead generation campaigns to social media maintenance to graphic designs.


  • Keeping in mind that each property is different and has a unique target audience a project-specific campaign had to be established on an individual basis.
  • Establishing the overall digital presence across social media platforms for all the projects was of key importance.
  • Gathering targeted & quality leads through social media platforms was an immense need. 

Pros & Cons

The Challenges
  • Raheja faced a major issue of fragmented marketing. They always did a little SEO, print marketing, a little Social Media & some media buying. However, none of these techniques ever came together as one integrated strategy and worked for them.
The Advantages
  • Raheja Universal being an old and trusted name in the real estate sector.
  • Willing to try new activities and new mediums to reach the audience. 

Our Approach

The Work


Major time was spent to find the right target for each campaign considering the different target audience which varied across projects. 

Lead Management 

The leads were earlier managed via an excel sheet which caused the disparity between the sales team and we helped Raheja get an LMS system in place.

Live Chat

We also helped them get a live chat system in place on two of their projects which helped them interact with potential consumers in real-time. 

Whatsapp for Business

Lead generation ads via social media which were redirected to WhatsApp directly to the sales team helped in further boosting the quality of leads and overall interaction. 

Influencer Activation

Creating an on-ground influencer activity keeping the theme of a ‘Daycation’ in mind helped get the property an unmatched viewership which was experiential as well as visual. 

Change in Approach

Constant communication with the sales and marketing teams at Raheja helped us better understand the problem which helped us to tweak our strategy and get more leads and bring in a technological overhaul across projects.

Lead Generation Funnel Flow

Promoted Posts



Brokerage Network

  • When Raheja Exotica was newly launched we also ran a campaign specifically targeting brokers in order to tie up with them for the sale of our property.
  • We ran a systematic lead generation campaign via social media which helped us get in touch with 500+ brokers which in return lead to an increase in the overall sale of the property. 

The Results

Leads delivered: 2000+
Duration: 12 months

Website Sessions: 2,00,000+
Average Session Duration:  1 minute 15 seconds +
New Users: 1,15,000+