Using WhatsApp Business API

Key Uses of the Business API

Key Features of Business API

Openly Available

–Whatsapp for Business via their website is openly available for small businesses.

–Businesses can interact with customers easily by using their API and integrating it among digital ads to send a push message on WhatsApp to any business.

Limited Availability

–The API is currently available to limited companies in India with features like booking notifications, automated messages, etc.

–WhatsApp for Business APIs debuted with MakeMyTrip, BookMyShow, and Zendesk in India for a beta test with these special features.

Key Features & Use Cases

Automated Replying

Automated replies via WhatsApp for specific messages make it a great tool for customer interactions.

Social Media Integration

Digital ads on Facebook & Instagram can have a direct button for a direct WhatsApp message to the company.

Google Adwords Integration

For search ads when one presses an ad on a mobile it will directly lead to a WhatsApp chat with a company representative.

Live Chat on Websites

Using a button on one’s website which will directly lead them to the company’s WhatsApp for a simple one to one conversation. 

Not Against TRAI Rules

As bulk marketing on WhatsApp is against TRAI rules, it is beneficial for businesses to leverage their business with this API Technology. 

Whatsapp Web

For most MSME leveraging the WhatsApp API for customer service with the help of WhatsApp for web will prove to be highly beneficial.

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