How to define your Brand Personality

What is a brand personality? Each human is said to have a certain type of personality, the same applies to a brand when the brand is given such characteristics which can be defined as the personality of that brand. A brand personality is something that consumers can relate to and connect with the brand. The brand through its communication and tone tends to show its personality thus trying to appeal its audience.

Defining the Vision:

The Vision of a Brand lies at the intersection of ‘What Brands want to be’ and ‘What Audiences Seek’. It is first necessary to define the ‘Viable Business Idea’ that straddles both these areas.

From this ‘Viable Business Idea’ will emanate the ‘Tenable Brand Claim’, which becomes the foundation of the Brand Vision.

Once we have the Brand Vision defined, we need to validate the same into a Brand Proposition. 

To correctly answer this question, we need to answer related questions like:

  • Where is the brand in terms of the marketing landscape?
  • Why is the brand in that position in the landscape (e.g. Legacy or incumbent issues)
  • The most essential question that begs answering at this stage is ‘Who is the brand?’
  • Where does the brand want to go given the challenges it has?
  • How will I get there? – The road map of how the marketing strategy will deliver the set objectives
  • Am I getting there? – The metrics of evaluation that will be applied as per the strategy to ensure that the outcomes can be calibrated and improved in the areas it falls short in. 

Examples of Brand Personalities

In order to reach and target the right audience and convert them into being customers it extremely important to relate to the audience. It is quite common for a customer to purchase from a brand that is similar to a personality of their own.

  • Excitement: carefree, spirited and youthful
  • Sincerity: kindness, caring and an outlook towards family and society
  • Ruggedness: adventurous, tough, outdoorsy, and athletic
  • Competence: success, elegance, shown leadership
  • Sophistication: elegant, prestigious and subtle

 A company’s brand personality helps in creating an emotional connection with its desired segment with a view to get the audience to act upon that and in return benefit the firm. Hence, it is extremely important to hone the brand personality and stick to it in order to reach and relate to the audience in the best way possible.