If You Don’t Understand People, You Can’t Understand Business

Humans are social animals; we interact with each other, share information, opinions, and experiences. It’s with this interaction that we build relationships, relationships that are the building blocks of a community and a society. A community is a group of individuals who share a set of common values and beliefs, and so is an organization.

Here is a list to make the point that, if you don’t understand people, you can’t understand business.

1. Meeting People

Despite all the technological revolution you still have to interact with people in person, you have to be there to carry out the business, and when all your customers, colleagues, employees are human it becomes very important to understand people if you want to understand business. Understanding people involves studying the way people work, their individual styles, what attitudes and perceptions they bring to work, how they interact with a team and the nature of their hopes, dreams, and desires.

2. People = Business

Have you ever heard of people less business? Neither have we. People are what you build your business around. When you understand them better, you understand your business better. When you are good at understanding your company’s and customer’s needs and concern, it shows. You can work on your business plan better to make it work, and your plans are more optimized to produce the end product

3. Understanding Builds Trust

You don’t trust strangers, do you? You just can’t. Yet building trust is the most crucial aspect of doing business, just knowing that a person is good at doing something doesn’t build trust it builds reliability and appreciation. To trust someone you need to know that person. You must understand the person you work with in order to trust them, which results in better work.

4. They Influence You

Remember how your mother used to warn you about bad influence when you were young? Her words are still true. The people you surround yourself with influence your behavior and decisions. The kind of people you collaborate with influences the work culture of your organization, and they influence the way your company conducts itself.

5. Understanding Improves Teamwork

Understanding each other is one of the key ingredients in buildings a great soccer team, and a company is not much different. Your colleagues are your teammates. Understanding people you work with helps you to work better as a team and in turn amplify your strengths and make up for the weaknesses. ‘People’ do you get it? That’s the whole point.