Why We Love Working at the Fya Group!

Can you have fun, working hard to meet the deadlines?

Well, you certainly can.

That’s the only way we, at FYA Group, know anyway. We don’t only work for the sake of working, we work because it’s fun. We don’t work with seriousness; we work with dedication. I can go on and on but sum it up,

1. Casual environment

At FYA, we have an open work environment, literally. We don’t shove our heads in desktops and get caged in cubicles. We sit around the big tables, listening to music aloud while working, let it be the latest Sia single or a classic Bollywood hit. It keeps the freshness and creativity alive.

2. Team Morale

There is always at least one screen surrounded by a group of heads, trying to brainstorm out problems. We work as a team and have fun as a team, which amplify our strength and make up for the weaknesses. No matter what, there is always someone ready to lend a helping hand.

3. Learning Opportunities

An open place is the best place, to learn new things and sharpen your skills. We are a start-up and we get to learn new things every time we try our hands on something new. That’s one of the best things about working in a young company, where learning is weighed just as important as getting things done.

4. Recognition for Hard work

What makes us work hard is the assurance that our efforts will not go unnoticed, they will be recognized and rewarded. We have three distinct awards to reward team members, who go out of their way and do more than asked. We have monthly awards of the Creative star of the month, No-Stopping star of the month, and Achiever of the month.

5. Love for the work

All the other powers in the world can’t make you work well if you don’t love what you do, It’s the most crucial element for success. Fortunately, that’s not a problem at FYA. We love what we do. And we work with all our hearts. When you love what you do you get a satisfaction that can’t be bought, it’s priceless si-font.

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