7 Questions to Ask Before Planning a Campaign

In today’s time, every brand seems to be running or planning to run campaigns on social media.

Why? Doesn’t this question keep rising? Despite the increase in the number of messaging apps and changes in algorithms of social media platforms, campaigns have consistently proved to be effective in getting engagement from the audience. Planning the same can be tedious but there are certain questions to ask yourself if achieving soaring engagement numbers is what you’re looking for! Have you asked them yet? If not, do it now!

1. How does it relate to your brand?

While presenting yourself to the audience as a brand, a general tonality that suits your image is crucial for people to be able to relate and engage with you. Mastering the art of subtly blending the brand aspect to the campaign is what determines your ability to sell yourself or generate awareness.

2. How it relates to the audience?

The basic aim of every brand is to drive sales but the very common tendency is to over-sell yourself. When the focus is too central to the brand, it alienates the audience that hampers them from interacting with you. It must be kept in mind that what you have to say is relatable to them and can make them want to listen to you.

3. How will it be implemented?

Many brands spend a major chunk of their time in coming up with amazing and mind-boggling campaigns but miss out on planning how are they supposed to go about it. Ensuring whether the social media platforms allow a campaign as such, whether there are enough followers and an interested audience to generate a response on the same etc is a must. A plan needs to be executed well that helps you cover every detail of the campaign in terms of what platform to choose, how many posts must go, how the teasers would look like etc.

4. What impact will it have?

It is imperative that every brand’s communication activity is aimed to have a particular pre-determined impact. Quantifying the impact in terms of increase in like-base, increase in follower base, a greater brand recall value, etc sets the goal that motivates the team to work harder.

5. How we plan to achieve this?

Once an outline of the main tactics to achieve goals is marked, there is still a need to plan day-to-day activities that cover the details of what would be required for the execution of the plan like the budget, a team to stay in touch with the influencers, etc.

6. What else will be required?

To execute the plan well, a list needs to be drafted that explains the basic requirements like a team to cover the live event while a part of it monitoring the event updates, a videographer, an influencer, requirements from the client-side and communication with the PR Team, etc.

7. On what point will we measure the success of the campaign?

Work doesn’t end with the launch of a campaign, in fact, it marks the beginning of it! Measuring the campaign is a must to find an answer whether the efforts taken by the team were enough to bring about the expected impact. Every campaign would have a different way of measuring the outcome in terms of sales, website clicks, followers, engagement and reach.

Ask your campaign these 7 important questions and if an answer can be drafted for each, there is a rare chance of it being unsuccessful!