TikTok vs Instagram

In the last 5 years, there have been many social media platforms that have come and gone. The two most popular platforms in the last 5 years have been Instagram and TikTok.

However, since early 2019 the amount of traction TikTok has gained has been unmatched to any other social platform at a global level.


Instagram, also known as “IG” or “Insta,” is one of the leading social networking app globally. The app was initially launched in 2010. Today the app has a lot of features including filters, direct messaging, Instagram stories and their newest introduction IGTV which is a vertical video viewing platform. Facebook acquired Instagram for approximately $1 billion in 2012. 

As of 2018, Instagram has 1 billion active users on a global level and 400 million daily active users. However, once hailed as a leading social media app, Instagram is losing ground to Tik Tok.

Instagram was one of the first and foremost platforms where the term influencers were introduced and many individuals became influencers in the food, fashion and lifestyle space. 

Figures with thousands and millions of followers have risen to fame and reach a large audience of faithful followers. However, some notable creators have been moving over to Tik Tok and embracing this new, rapidly growing platform.

Why are creators and influencers flocking to Tik Tok? DreaKnowsBest explains that “Tik Tok is doing a lot when it comes to marketing” and helping creators in their efforts on the platform. Specifically, “Instagrammers are starting to come on because they realize that the activity is insane…You can build a large audience [quickly] if you’re talented.” In addition to Instagrammers, YouTubers are joining the movement as well. 

It’s clear that Tik Tok is making waves in the social app space. With an explosion of growth, Tik Tok is expected to continue a steep upward trend. Whereas this new app is enjoying its hockey stick trajectory, Instagram growth is slowly dropping from 13 percent user growth in 2018 to projected growth of 8 percent in 2019. 


To understand TikTok we need to understand its beginning. TikTok started as Musically and was acquired by Bytedance in 2017. In 2018 Musically was rebranded as TikTok. 

In May 2019 TikTok reclaimed the no. 1 position in app stores across India. TikTok as a platform has memes, challenges, and extremely entertaining content. TikTok has many challenges one can participate in from various brands or TikTok itself from time to time some being for the greater good. #CreateforaCause, which invited creators to help raise funds for DoSomething.org, Best Friends Animal Society, and Oceana, ended up with $2 million to donate.

Tiktok as of today has one of the most engaged audiences across India with over 170 million + monthly active users. 


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