TikTok Brand Campaigns

Current Status

  • India is the biggest market for TikTok in terms of the number of users after China. It has amassed about 200 million users in India and poses a serious threat to the dominance of social networking giant Facebook.  
  • While the Bytedance-owned company didn’t impact the revenue churn by the Facebook ecosystem in India till the second half of last year, it’s no more the case as TikTok started a push to make money over the past months. TikTok has set a target to cross Rs 100 crore in the July-Sep quarter this year.
  • Brands whose target audience fall under age bracket 18 to 36 have been seeing TikTok as a more engaging platform than Facebook and Google ecosystems.

Pepsi – #SwagStepChallenge

Objective – Pepsi’s unique Swag Step Challenge comes of the association with the super hit movie franchise Dabangg 3. 

Users can make a Swag sign using their hands to trigger Pepsi branded sunglasses and nod to flip the glasses in the air. 

Views: 5.4 billion +
UGC: 100,000+

Swiggy Starhunt

  • Objective – Swiggy worked to launch Swiggy Starhunt, a platform for delivery partners to showcase their talent by uploading videos on popular video-sharing app TikTok. 
  • These videos come under the categories of acting, dancing, singing and musical instruments. 
  • They worked 11 languages to reach a pan-Indian audience, which resulted in 44+ million views.

Moov – #MakeYourMoov

TikTok collaborated with Moov for a first of its kind brand fitness campaign #MakeYourMoov.

Moov initiated a unique Hashtag Challenge called #MakeYourMoov where users were encouraged to post a video performing at least one fitness move of their choice which witnessed a humongous response with participation across age groups.

Views: 9 billion +

Bingo! Starters

Objective – The campaign amassed a great response since the launch while encouraging users to start their day with healthy snacking.

With brand ambassador Ranveer Singh, Bingo! launched an interactive campaign #StartWithStarters where users accepted a dance challenge.

Views: 8.5 billion +

Lay’s – #Wavez4India

  • Objective – The challenge celebrates Lay’s Wavez, the latest offering from PepsiCo, and leverages the popularity of TikTok. 
  • The video and hashtag were created urging fans to join in the fun while creating a ‘Wavez4India’ step. 
  • Besides Yuvraj, dancing star Shakti Mohan has also accepted the challenge and participated by creating her own version of the Wavez4India step. 


Objective – At Hopscotch, the objective was to speak in fun, creative ways to talk to the customers.

Hopscotch and TikTok partnered on a fun Rap-Challenge asking moms across the country to create videos that capture their experiences while styling their kids.

Views: 2 billion +

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