10 Questions to Ask Potential SEO Clients

This blog will help you to focus on taking over a new business that is right for you and getting all the needed details to think of the best possible strategy for your potential clients.

The key here is making things as easy as possible for the client and yourself. 

1. Are you targeting any particular keywords? If so, please mention them

Before discussing anything, it’s always better to know the clients’ keywords before starting keyword research. This detail will give clarity as to which keyword needs to focus and which not.  

2. What are Your Main Goals and KPIs?

It’s very important to know what their goals and KPIs should be so it’s always good to ask them. This information will help the clients to understand if their goals and KPIs are realistic and achievable.

3. What Is Your Main USP? (Unique Selling Point)

This is something you can work by yourself but in case you are not clear then ask. We like to find out what is the thing in which the client thinks that it makes them different from the others. As a part of your consultancy offering, you can talk about ways that can better leverage their USPs. Like are they using USPs in their metadata to win higher CTR from the SERPs or does their landing page content speak about their USPs and so on.

4. Any specific location?

If the potential client is planning on a global level then you’ll have to drill down on their priority geolocations and you can talk about providing multilingual SEO. 

If your client is targeting one specific country, like the United States Of America, for example, make sure you suggest keywords that reflect in Google Search Console.

Go to: Search Traffic > International Targeting > Country > Target users in the United States Of America.

Helping clients at this stage will go a long way as it will help you to build trust and you win more chances of getting selected over your competitors.

5. After a potential customer visits your site, what specifically do you want them to do?

It’s basically to know what their goal is like if it’s an e-commerce website then do they want people to add to cart or if it’s a WordPress website then do they want to place an inquiry. get an accurate answer for this then we will be able to project this further. 

6. What Level of Support Will We Have From the In-house Team?

Apart from the website developer, you need to know the people you will be communicating with. You also need to know if they have in-house writers, designers, or even digital marketers who will be part of the collaboration, as this will help you to estimate as to how much you need to charge regarding the copywriting and graphic designing, etc as a part of your SEO contract. 

7. What kind of CMS was the website built on?

If you have access to it, then you can work this by yourself but if we do not then you should surely raise this question.

It’s better to know in the initial stage as to how friendly the back-end is. if it’s customized then you should see that you have all the right functionality for the on-page Seo optimization that you’ll be doing.

If it’s a mess, then now is the time that you tel;l your potential client to upgrade it as there is nothing worse than starting SEO on a worst CMS. 

8.According to you, who are your three biggest competitors? Has your site ever been penalized? 

According to you, who are your three biggest competitors? You might have done your complete research, but it’s always better to ask the client as to whom do they consider their competitor. 

At times, these competitors were not even included in your list as they were not very competitive in the SERPs, so after compiling all the information, you can gauge their real competitor.

Has your site ever been penalized?

If you get access to their Google Analytics, you will be able to find out if there is any penalty but yet prefer asking the potential client if they had any manual or algorithmic penalty. Knowing about their previous penalties, it will give you an idea regarding the health of your potential client’s domain. 

9. Are there any other domains or sites that you own or control? (Please list them all)

It’s always good to know what other domain and subdomain a client have, and if they want you to work on those sites as well. It’s preferable to ask them beforehand to avoid any kind of awkward conversations down the line when the client says I have other websites too and can you do such similar things on those websites under the same subscription fee. 

10. What do you expect to get out of this SEO project

This is very important to ask as this would help us to know as to what we need to focus on like some clients have the requirement to be ranked on 1st page while some have to rank only on local listing while some wants to rank on top, hence it’s better to ask then to do it from your end. 

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