Convince and Convert

Lead Generation

The most critical part of any business development strategy is to establish how the business will generate leads. Sales and marketing efforts must be targeted strategically to ensure that the business can continue to grow and to develop new sources of customers.

Commonly Faced Problems

1. Low CTR & High CPL

As the major chunk of the budget is spent in display marketing, the number of people visiting our website is pretty low

2. Low Lead Quality

Currently, the quality of leads generated through a digital campaign is not that great as people who fill the contact form are researching about properties

3. Lead Tracking

Most of the developers either don’t use an LMS or the system they use is not up to the mark to track the lead journey

4. Calculating ROI on Ads

It takes a few months for a lead to get converted. Due to this while reviewing the campaign at the end of the month the ROI remains the same as it was in the beginning

5. Expecting leads from a display campaign

People do expect the flow of leads from each activity they do. Display campaigns work best if the objective is to create awareness as it attracts more eyeballs than sending people to the website

6. Going beyond search

Developers think that Google search ads are the only way to generate quality leads while doing digital. However, with a perfect strategy in place, social media platforms can also generate quality leads

A New Approach to Promotion

Lead Generation Funnel Flow

Why this Funnel works?


Giving our audience the initial introduction to the brand without asking for much of their time or effort


Once we have engaged the users in the digital space, we can retarget the same audience and send them to our website/ landing page where they can have detailed information about the brand and the project


It is possible that people might not fill up a contact form as people are not willing to give their information in one go, this is where Lead generation ads work well, where we capture the information within the platform and not sending them to a landing page or website

Where else it helps

  • Multi-level engagement with the user
  • Reduced CTR and higher ROI
  • Increase in search volume
  • As we are constantly engaging the users and they have become a part of our funnel process so we can re-target people for a longer period

Apart from the above-mentioned points, it also helps us in building a strong brand recall

The final step

The final step is to market to the leads that are worth pursuing. The lead will likely have shown a high level of interest in your products or business and will fit the ideal profile the business would like to target. Marketing directly to this lead will involve focused marketing materials, such as emails, calls to action by the sales team, which should result in a lead being converted.