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Always Give Back Doesn't Matter How Small or Big

Always Give Back Doesn’t Matter How Small or Big

I believe that I am extremely blessed to be able to contribute as much as I can to those in need. The organization that has given me the opportunity and I am very closely associated with is “Children’s Cancer Care”, an NGO that a couple of people and I started about 2 years ago! Keeping our vision in mind to raise a huge amount of funds for the underprivileged children under the age of 15 who have been detected with cancer, we decided on creating a website and keeping it up-to-date to successfully guide those who wish to donate to these little ones. With an association with TATA Memorial Hospital, we have been able to raise more than Rs 50 lakhs that is all directed for the children’s treatment purposes. Though the number of children at the hospital is quite large, we’ve been able to successfully reach out to only 43 children and provided the financial support that was required for their treatments. We try to reach out to donors from time to time to bring together as many resources as we can to help the children and their families. Many people do have the urge to move forward and help but sometimes don’t know how and whether the little they are able to impart is going to be enough. A separate account is created between the hospital and the families of the child where all the money is directly transferred. The thing, I believe that sets us apart from all the other NGOs is the fact that funds are just used for treatments, there is no admin cost that is charged nor a donation percentage that goes to us. All the funds collected go to the child in need. For everybody reading this who feel the urge to donate and wish to give it back, do visit the website: https://www.childrenscancercare.org/ to help the little ones who deserve to live a healthy life as much as we do!
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