Why Brands should create Digital IPs on TikTok?

India is the biggest market for TikTok in terms of the number of users after China. It has gained about 200 million users in India and is providing immense competition to the social media giants like Facebook & Instagram.  

As of today, TikTok has 170 million monthly active users. The top 10 cities include – Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, and Indore.

It is simply a no brainer that brands today need to leverage the unmatched reach TikTok provides to create a brand presence online. The organic reach TikTok provides as of today is like no other social media platform. Brands who look to be trendsetters and a market leader need to leverage this unmatched opportunity today!

A great way brands can use TikTok today is to educate its customers on industry trends, a problem they are solving and how they are solving it. Brands selling products can do the same by educating its customers on current problems people face and how they are solving it with their products. 

Using micro-influencers similar to the ideology of the brand for some of their videos and revolving a campaign around the product/service and the micro influencer can be another great way for the brand to reach a wide audience.

Doing a small paid campaign on TikTok is another great way to reach a mass audience. This can be a great way to further expand the reach of the campaign. This can be pooled in together with the consumer education videos as well as the micro-influencer campaigns.

Using relevant Hashtags for the brand keeping in mind context and constantly using hashtags is another great way to create a great digital IP for the brand. Upon further establish the brand can also go ahead with a paid Hashtag Challenge to reach and amass the wide TikTok audience.

Hence, in order to conclude and reiterate the fact that today TikTok has an audience unlike any other platform and brands need to leverage this opportunity by producing constant content and creating a digital IP like never before with the help of TikTok. If this opportunity is lost today one may never know when such an opportunity is likely to return if it ever is!