What’s 5 Minutes’ Worth?

I think most people I know suffer from this fatal flaw — ‘Lack of Planning.’ The most valuable thing we have today is time, now more than ever! We want to watch shows on our own time, we want to reply back to texts at our own time so much so that we now get annoyed when another human being calls us up because the conversation they want to have is not at our time.

Think of the 5 minutes of extra sleep in the morning, isn’t it the best?!

So do you really think you are making the most of your time? I make a very sincere effort to do so, I am writing this on a flight after having an 18 hour day. I also want to be clear that when I say make the most of your time I don’t mean in terms of work! For all the traffic jams you get stuck in or the time you spend traveling, all the procrastination we do through every single day even with the smallest tasks; think of all the phone calls to loved ones, audiobooks or actual books, people that could have been met with just a little bit of planning and effort.

As far as your entrepreneurs are concerned I am sure that you feel you have no time for absolutely anything while trying to do everything. Here are a few tips that can make a small difference:

1. To-Do Lists

I swear by these and I make them and keep them updated regularly! I used to write these but have now moved to a digital one to be able to allocate specific times to be able to complete these tasks. It’s a simple concept; you can’t get everything done without knowing what everything includes.

2. Delegate

There’s a difference in being involved and informed. As a leader and a passionate one it feels crucial to be a part of every small thing, but trust your team, identify the reliable managers and give them a chance; the responsibility will make them feel appreciated and give you a chance to do more.

3. Minimize

This is a difficult one! Is it really possible to allow only a specific amount of time and then try to get it done in an even shorter amount of time? Well, I think so! For Example, I now go into con calls with a fixed list of points to discuss, mail them to the others an hour before the call and try to ensure everyone stays on track. 5 minutes saved on 10 calls is almost an hour added to the day. Try it, it might take a while to get a hold of but this is the real key to productivity.

I hope you found these tips helpful and if you have any more do please share them in the comments below.

P.S. — My current goal is to get 30 hours of work done in a 24 hour day!