Ways to Break the Ice With New Co-workers

Every activity at the office has an impact on the quality of the work. Developing and maintaining an interactive and fun culture has proven to retain employees. To make it happen, it’s important to break the ice between the co-workers. Try the following fun activities to break the ice!

1. The Trust Walk

Pairing the co-workers into teams, this activity involves blindfolding of one and the other has to guide him around by making him follow the voice. This activity is one of the great ways to share dependencies and also trust the team they are working in.

2. The Interview

This activity involves separating everyone in teams and interviewing one from the other team for a few minutes. At the end of the activity, everyone has to mention 3 things that they have found out about the person they interviewed. This is one of the best ways to allow coworkers to get to know one another and set a common base for them to work together.

3. What’s My Name

It is very important to build trust in oneself and be able to carry yourself with confidence. What’s My Name is the activity where one has to mention an adjective that begins with the same letter as that of their name. This way, the team can know one quality about each and initiates conversations with one another.

4. What Would You Rather?

Questions about various situations would be asked to a person where they would have to choose one from the options of what would they rather do. This portrays the decision making power and also the pro-activeness of the individual.

5. The Five Favorites

Everyone has those shows that they love to watch. For this activity, people have to share their five favorites and watch the shows that are commonly liked by many.

With these activities, the ice between the new co-workers will sure break in no time.