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What Is a Perishable Mobile App?

We can develop a demo app in 48 hours. The apps can go live within 3 weeks. Any webpage can be made a part of the app. A single framework can be used throughout the year as multiple apps for a variety of purposes. Push Notifications to all users or location-specific. The apps work seamlessly across iOS and Android. Complete Integration with our analytics system. The  Concept: Socialive is proprietary software developed by FYA to develop mobile applications for Android and iOS. The apps created using Socialive are highly customizable but the USP is that the apps can be made to be perishable. Yes, perishable! The apps can be kept live for a week, month and year or even a lifetime. This allows the user to mobile to push boundaries that seemed brilliant but the execution seemed nearly impossible. Corporate: Employee Engagement Programs. Employee / Customer Survey. Ecommerce Integration. Media Events. Conferences. CSR Activities. Recruitment / Orientation. Performance Appraisals. Suggestions / Grievances. Product / Service Launch.Lead Generation.Online Training Sessions / Webinars.Policy Change Announcements.Fund Raising Events.Social Media Integration.Google Calendar Integration. Events:  Registrations.Sponsor Features. Location-based engagement Programs.Itineraries / Agenda with location integration.Speaker Profiling linked to agenda and their personal links. Live video feed. Live posting by users. Lead Generation. Catalogs. Contests. Audio Integration. Coupon Integration. Social Media Integration. Weddings: Couples Story Messages to the couple Important Numbers. Google Map Integration. Travel Coordination. Sneak Peek into Sangeet Prep. Live posting by guests. Daily Itineraries. Live video feed. Restaurants: Menu. Restaurant Pictures. Home Delivery Ordering. Reservations. Feedback Forum. Contact Forum with location integration. Loyalty Program Integration. Coupon Integration. Click to Call. Social Media Integration. Google Map Integration.
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