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State of the Industry post Covid – 19 Education

What’s covered in this Deep Dive Current StatusChallenges & OpportunitiesFuture Trends  We have tried to take a holistic view of the industry’s approach to digital marketing & based our analysis on that. COVID-19 Turmoil The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives in ways we had never imagined. Our everyday interaction with the outside world, with public spaces, the retail environment, and even with one another, has come under intense scrutiny.The amount of losses incurred due to this lockdown has been immense. Major Scare As the Covid-19 is far more dangerous for children and the aged, opening up of educational institutes which has both the above age groups is simply not safe. Finding alternatives and keeping everyone in the education sector safe is of key importance.  Thought Process The pandemic brings an opportunity for investors and the educational institutes to invest in educational development for easy learning and staying connected. Always been wanting to create a safe environment for the students as well as teachers while concentrating on their upliftment and education? The time is Now. Methodic Change The pandemic has transformed the centuries-old, chalk–talk teaching model to one driven by technology. This disruption in the delivery of education is pushing decision makers to understand and come up with alternatives to make sure the education of students is not affected.A varied strategy is required to manage a crisis such as this that has never been seen before. Growth in E-Learning E-Learning Market size crossed USD 200 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to grow at over 8% CAGR between 2020 and 2026. With the introduction of several new technologies and overall increase of internet usage across the world will indeed boost the overall market.According to the World Economic Forum, around 1.2 billion children are out of classrooms with schools shut down globally due to COVID-19 pandemic. To combat this situation, large-scale national efforts to leverage technology to the market players in support of distance education, remote, and online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic are emerging and evolving rapidly. Growth in E-Learning Interestingly, eLearning helps provide multiple options for working professionals as well as students during these critical times. The options offer a wide range of learning facilities that students can access regardless of their status and location—this did not prevail a few years ago. As per a statistical report submitted by KPMG, private universities offering different undergraduate and postgraduate eLearning courses are on a rise. State of Marketing Challenges Classroom gatheringsCovid scareTechnological overhaul Opportunities Creating an ecosystemVideo lecturesMove online The Ecosystem During the COVID-19 era and also till the time the uncertainty is looming, there will be a major change in the overall educational ecosystem. Most educational institutes will prefer ways to stay as safe and hygienic as possible with minimal to no touching of public places and maintain social distancing. Some countries have put up measures to start schools with social distancing and barricades, however, digital learning has proven to be the most effective solution as of today.  Overview Robust Development The completely online software has been developed keeping in mind the front end as well as backend for both admin and students. User Friendly Admin can easily add, edit delete information on their website due to a user friendly backend.  Cost Effective Since this is a unique solution specifically built for the online learning sector it is a cost effective solution. Complete Solution It is a complete solution where complete information can be shared along with the courses for students to learn online.  Content Management System With the help of the CMS one can manage the courses displayed on the website with ease without needing a developer. One time Cost The solution is being offered with a one time cost instead of monthly recurring fees for a hassle free experience.  Key Features Browse CoursesFilter CoursesBrowse Course PagesCourse lesson playerDedicated Instructor dashboardCourse ManagerCategory managerComplete course dashboardStudent ListInstructor ManagerPricing of coursesZoom Integration
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