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We Don't Want Clients, We Want Partners. We're Investing in Long-Term Relationships

We Don’t Want Clients, We Want Partners. We’re Investing in Long-Term Relationships

The most stereotypical belief about clients is that they are made only for billing amounts! We take immense pride in sharing our views as to how we never look at our clients from that perspective. We look for those with whom we can work not only now but also in the coming years. We have always believed in providing the exact information that a client needs to know, even when it comes to the services they must take and money that they don’t really need to spend. We have come to realize that honesty is one thing that can help you maintain good relations with the clients and that making it clear what expectations are achievable and what is not. The best way, we believe to be at par with the client is to share a road map with them on the first day itself of what can be expected and how do we decide to work on a particular thing so that it gets easier for them to benchmark our performance over the months. With time, we have realized that people are too impatient with digital media and they need to see quick results for the money they have decided on spending. Unable to understand that offline and online media work differently and there is a possibility of many things going wrong in an advertisement than one reason being that the agency has not placed it well. Practices as that of suggesting high media spends and quoting high retainer amount for a small job makes the clients weary about picking an agency to handle their digital media. A lot of time of the clients gets wasted in deciding whether to switch an agency as they are very apprehensive to choose another one after being cheated by one of those agencies who’re out there to make a quick buck. We really want to give our clients, our partners a reason to maintain a long-term relationship with us and we want to provide them with a road map and make them understand that results can’t be seen overnight but can be built over a period of time. The agencies need to build a frame where the client can trust and believe them for the work they do. That’s what really defines the best relation for us, the relationship where there are trust and support for one another. We have come across those clients who’s senior management has moved to another agency and they have made sure that we get in there because they trust and believe in us so much. People are very reluctant to change agencies and we have had clients who believe in us enough to challenge that. That’s what it means to maintain a strong relationship with them as they know that we end we up changing our strategies for the better and we keep working on providing the best of quality. We strongly believe in choosing trust over a small-term gain or a quick buck and that’s how we really intend to work. We are one of the Best Digital Media Agencies in Mumbai providing complete internet marketing services like SEO, Social Media, PPC, SEM and much more. Get in touch with us via call or text today!
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