State of the Industry post Covid – 19 Automobile

What’s covered in this Deep Dive

  • Current Status
  • Challenges & Opportunities
  • Future Trends 

We have tried to take a holistic view of the industry’s approach to digital marketing & based our analysis on that.

COVID-19 Turmoil

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives in ways we had never imagined. 
  • Our everyday interaction with the outside world, with public spaces, the retail environment, and even with one another, has come under intense scrutiny.
  • The amount of losses incurred due to this lockdown has been immense.

Coronavirus – Timing

  • There has been a systematic downfall in the overall economy of India as a whole in FY 2019-20.
  • Just when the Indian market and the automotive industry were looking to uplift themselves came the novel coronavirus.
  • While the GDP growth forecasts were north of 5.5%, COVID-19 may result in a negative impact of 1-2% on the expected growth rates. 

Economic Slowdown

  • Due to this pandemic people’s livelihoods are at stake.
  • There have been job losses, salary cuts, business slowdown due to which the overall disposable income has gone way down. 
  • While the GDP growth forecasts were upwards of 5.5%, COVID-19 may result in a negative impact of at least 1-2% on the expected growth rates. 

Methodic Change

  • Immediate and prompt action will be required by the industry as a whole to battle this situation.
  • Constant monitoring of staff well being at manufacturing plants and other facilities.
  • Business leaders will require a proper plan and strategy for the future and maintain key aspects like insurance, liabilities, supply chain etc. 

State of Marketing


  • Disposable Income
  • Covid scare
  • Overall Hygiene


  • Moving Online
  • Strict Sanitization
  • Virtual Options

Ford: Offers credit support to customers impacted by COVID-19

Toyota & Hyundai: Offers buyer protection to car buyers who may lose jobs/ cannot pay in the next 6 months

Contactless BMW Experience

BMW has done a great job by making the purchase process of cars completely online. Click below to know more.

Future Trends


The overall sanitization practice across the supply chain will prove to be of key importance.

Online Purchase

Just like BMW an online purchase process by giving a virtual tour of the car can help buyer decisions.

Pre owned Vehicles

Extra sanitization will be required for pre owned vehicles with added protection and home visits for interested parties. 

Additional Benefits

Any additional benefits like complementary servicing, discounts, waivers will be a benefit and in turn lead to a better chance at sales.

Customer Service

Going the extra mile for customer service will be key by providing perks, referrals, after sales service in order to seal the deal. 

Used Car Dealers

Offering unique, safe and hygienic solutions will be the need of the hour for used car dealers to even consider getting a sale in these tough times.