State of Industry: Education

What’s Covered in this Deep Dive

  • Current Digital Trends
  • Commonly Faced Problems
  • Challenges & Opportunities
  • A New Approach to Digital Promotions
  • Future Trends

Current Digital Trends

Commonly Faced Problems

Quality Lead Generation

Every industry needs quality leads, while in order to  create awareness about the brand we should also consider that generating quality leads is also as important as branding

Database Management

The lifespan of the database generated in the education industry is very small, as the people who are interested today won’t be interested after a few months, it is important to effectively manage & generate new data

Parent vs Student Targeting

With the current digital trends, it is necessary to target students as they are also becoming more aware of the offerings and their career choices

Engaging an Outside Audience

When it comes to engaging our audience the first thing in mind comes to engage people associated with us such as students and parents. We also need to target and engage our potential TG

Leveraging your Organic Community

It is really important to leverage our organic community to spread the message. Encouraging students and parents to talk about the institute would help us build trust among the outside community

State of Digital Marketing

  • Online Reputation Management
  • Content Creation
  • Brand  building via differentiated content
  • Dedicated resources
  • Involving Students in Content Creation
  • Digitizing Lead Generation
  • Creating Micro-Influencers
  • Building long term engagement on Database
  • Thought Leader Positioning

Online Reputation Management

ORM would help us build a brand online through various activities and interactions with our audience and also help us build/ maintain brand image online

Also, we can have a strong presence in the digital space and we would constantly track the content related to our Institution. ORM can also be effective to tackle cyberbullying cases

Sessions to help students & parent deal with content consumption & online bullying

With the current scenario of increasing cyberbullying cases, we would also need to conduct seminars where we educate our students on what online bullying can lead too, also, how can one tackle such situations.

Plus, with the growth of E-learning facilities, we need to track the content a particular student is consuming 

A New Approach to Promotion

Lead Generation Funnel Flow

Where else it helps

  • Multi-level engagement with the user
  • Giving out information about the offerings
  • While students share their experience, it builds a trust factor among the audience
  • As we are constantly engaging the users and they have become a part of our funnel process so we can re-target people for a longer period

Apart from the above-mentioned points, it also helps us in building a strong brand recall

Why this Funnel works?


Giving our audience the initial introduction to the brand without asking for much of their time or effort


Once we have engaged the users in the digital space, we can retarget the same audience and send them to our website/ landing page where they can have detailed information about our offering and courses


It is possible that people might not fill up a contact form as people are not willing to give their information in one go, this is where Lead generation ads work well, where we capture the information within the platform and not sending them to a landing page or website

Future Implementation

Internal Communication & Review Systems

Currently, the majority of the communication happens through WhatsApp, where there are different groups as per the class and the sections

This creates a problem in seamless communication. There needs to be an internal communication system which helps in direct communication with teachers and students

Micro Social Networks

Micro- social networks are similar to any other social media platforms but the objective these micro-platforms serves are different

These platforms work almost the same as any other social network but is completely regulated by the institute

Also, this helps in many aspects the major being taking students out from the traditional social network platforms like- Facebook and Instagram

Original Content Creation

Students participation is also important while generating original content as it not only reflects the brand but also the creativity of the students

Creating original content such as student’s life at the institute, students take over, blogs, articles, etc help us in multiple ways. Firstly, people get engaged in these types of content and also it increases brand recall.

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