Instagram Stories VS Snapchat

It is not a surprise when we say that everything is present on social media. Pulling out a phone, there is just one thing that the world is talking about and every social networking site is filled with it!

Mark Zuckerberg introduced a new concept and feature of Instagram stories wherein users can upload images and videos that disappear in a day’s time. They can also share their daily content, add filters, stickers and doodles. Doesn’t it all sound familiar?

Mentioning a story, what is the first thing that pops in the head of a phone-savvy person? Of course, it’s the Snapchat Story that has been the talk on every youngster’s tongue for the past 3 years. Here’s why it is the new interesting talk of the town, Facebook has stolen the basic concepts from Snapchat and introduced an exact replica of it, calling it the Instagram Stories.

The efforts and intentions of Mark Zuckerberg have been out in the open since the time he tried to buy Snapchat for about $3Billion that was turned down in no time. Announcing the introduction of Slingshot, Facebook’s version of Snapchat, was another step that displayed his efforts to drive a larger audience to his applications with most of it in vain that forced Facebook to delete the announcement later.

Updates have been hoped to work constantly without many positive outcomes. Every platform on social media is competing with the other but the question of why is Facebook is so desperate to take over Snapchat arises time and again! Snapchat has grown to be the native camera of people where they instantly click and capture moments and can share the same as their story and save later. Snapchat has proved to be the more content sharing platform over Instagram over the years.

Instagram is the visual application that revolves around sharing images, likes and comments when most people can’t care less about the number of double clicks they get. Users looking for something that helps them share more real-time content, more contextual content.

As mentioned in one of our earlier blogs, Facebook and Snapchat are competing head-to-head with an almost equal rate of user retention and Instagram is tried to be squeezed in the war. With the same monotonous and repetitive content, despite a large number of active users, Instagram has realized the need to reinvent itself to gain even more importance and user base.

With the replica version of Snapchat, Instagram has tried to have an increase in the number of daily images shared by users and steal the latter’s position as the native camera of the people.

Talking about the views we share, we don’t think that Instagram is going to succeed in the same. There is a different lot of people one follows and allows to follow on each platform. It’s all about what the users are used to working on! Having the same feature on another app doesn’t help one change their choices that easy!

Yes, there would be a smaller lot of people who would test it and use it just to feed their curiosity. But we don’t see Instagram Stories having a successful future till there is the active presence of Snapchat in the market.

The discussion about what would be successful and what would not continue to confuse the brands as to what to do next. Adapting and trying something new is the part and parcel of being in the social media industry. Brands must jump to Instagram Stories for now as the whole world is talking about the same and everyone’s attention is on it! They can adapt and advertise themselves through Instagram stories for the time being, till the time the craze is maintained and is up! But it is advisable to not lose sight of Snapchat as it is going to remain the big-thing in the long run!