How We Intend To Creatively Use Snapchat Spectacles For Business

There have been many features introduced by various social media platforms in recent times with the one talked about the most being Snapchat. The world has been buzzing about the Snapchat Spectacles that have added an opportunity for people and businesses to go crazy over creativity. Getting my hands on them and using them for a while, these spectacles have changed my way of looking at content creation.

Completely changing an individual’s perspective with the wide-angle shots and automated save to the memories, the content generated I believe is a lot more interesting and engaging. The user experience is extremely immersive. Blowing my mind with the number of creative possibilities, I definitely intend on generating a lot of internal content when it comes to our routine Monday morning meetings, meetings with various clients and of course the daily start-up news.

The spectacles, I believe are sure to bring a completely new perspective when it comes to working with FYA Group as every snap would help the audience feel like they are a part of the conversation per se and it works leaps and bounds when it comes to striking that connects with the viewers.

Just like everything has a different side, with having fun while playing around with these spectacles at work, our clients, be it restaurant owners or fashion magazine editors can add a different perspective to their brands. We can now go behind the scenes and give the audience a tour in the kitchen and also show what’s it like to view exclusive shows in person.

Many people currently underestimate the power to carry one-on-one questionnaires on Snapchat. Building a wide audience around various platforms and urging them to ask questions via Snapchat is definitely going to help us create an entire web series and deliver the experience of first-handedly answering their questions!

I believe that the spectacles are going to change the look of content creation in the digital world and it’s going to be huge when it comes to execution of creativity.