How to Motivate Yourself When You’re Absolutely Exhausted

Everyone who works goes through the phases when they are either highly positive and energetic or extremely low on energy. There are days when work just doesn’t seem to be coming easy and those are the times when one really needs to find motivation within themselves.

So the next time you feel lethargic or demotivated at work, here are 5 ways to get motivated again.

1. Re-Work on Your To-Do List

Pre-deciding your to-do list is surely a good habit but consider yourself during the times you’re not in the “get shit done” mood. Re-work on your to-do for the day and break bigger tasks into smaller ones to make it easier and achievable.

2. Eat Some Snack

Food is fuel for our brains and our bodies. Munching on some healthy snacks like bananas, yogurt, blueberries, etc from time to time helps to boost energy and productivity

3. Turn Up the Music

When the day seems to be going extremely slow and boring that demotivates you, play some pumped-up music to refresh your mind

4. Talk to a Co-Worker

There is always that kind of people who are a storehouse of positive energy. Take a while out from slouching in front of the computer and have a small chat with them to feel more energized and influenced to work

5. Change Your Working Place

Sitting on the same desk all day, every day can be boring. Try changing your location for a while for a new surrounding to work in that may help you induce productivity in your work

These are the tactics that are sure to work in bringing you back to focus and work with the same amount of energy once again.