How Online Reputation Can Make or Break Your Brand

With Online Reputation prevailing way before social media existence, it’s importance has risen with the passing time. Previously, information was sought through Google with not many other transparent sources as that of curated content from various private websites.

With the advent of the digital age and social media gaining it’s deserved significance, individuals realized how easy had it become to hold and voice their opinions online. It was then learned how important had it become to have a good online reputation.

In today’s time, no product or service is bought before looking it up and scrolling through the reviews it has received. Every item, be it an immensely expensive one or averagely priced, each goes through a series of reviews from YouTubers and Influencers before forming public opinion.

The foremost reason for building a positive online reputation is the purchasing decision that it drives. With a statistic of 80% of people purchasing a product after reading a review online and 70% purchasing on recommendations by friends, decisions have been altered by the addition of social commerce on applications to drive people to make a purchase. 84% of marketers believe that marketing efforts must be primarily focused on building an online reputation and trust us it’s number one for making a sales-worthy impression.

It is a common belief of some that advertisements work better to drive people’s interest and generate sales. But as the statistics prove, a small 14% of the audience happens to trust advertisements whilst 78% trust recommendations that they read online or from their peers.

Apart from reviews per se, an influencer visiting a place and seen having a good time on social media persists as a part of online reputation. With more and more people following the discovery trend where they end up trying something new, be it products, services or restaurants, online reputation acts as a crucial turning point for brands.

Hence, having positivity dripping from all you have to offer to your audience is a must as it determines a brands success scales.