Brand Guidelines

FYA Media Group

We are an old name in an ever-changing game of new things. Great work is our promised differentiation. Our new identity doubles down on our core that everything we do must start with emotion and end with eye-grabbing design, heartfelt stories, and mindful experiences.


FYA – The Agency has flourished & serves some of India’s largest companies with everything from the engaging audience, creating tech to building brands in this digital realm.


Brand Identity

We help companies reach their audiences not only digitally, but also emotionally. Because in order for branding to trigger powerful responses, you first have to make the audience feel something. With equal parts rational and philosophical, we conjure up creativity that leaves an impression on people. It’s how brands become friends, products find meaning, and new ideas become contagious.


When we added ‘Group’ to our name, it was to showcase our multiple verticals & broad offerings. Today some of those verticals have grown & become their own companies, while some have failed or been internalized.

LOGO Graphics

Take a moment to think about how you apply spaces in the logo.
Always leave the logo some space to breathe to ensure it’s visibility and impact. No graphic elements of this kind should invade in this zone.


You should always have the option of having your logo files provided in monochrome, and with a transparent background. This way you can use different variations of your logo in the appropriate concept. However, the more places you can display your logo in its pure form the stronger your brand association will form in the mind of the viewer, and the more memorable your logo will be (repetition is key).

Color Palette

Our brand is underpinned with a color palette designed to be fresh, modern and distinctive. Different combinations of color can dramatically change the tone and appearance of the document so it is important to consider how they work together.
Colors are one of the most important things to transfer a brand to the customer. To help achieve greater brand recognition it is important that our color palette is applied consistently.

Our Aim

Thank You!

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