14 Questions to Ask Clients Before Starting a Website Project

We have created a list of questions that you need to ask clients before starting a website designing and development project. By getting the answers, we will also get clarity as to what is the client’s requirement.

1.Name of your domain?

This is the very first step to know as to what is your domain name as this would help you to know if you have to work on the existing domain or buy a new one for them and accordingly you’ll pitch about your project. 

2. Is there a tagline associated with your Logo?

tagline and logo are very important, so you need to raise this point as to do they have just logo or both, so you’ll accordingly focus on the content and designing. Usually, clients with tagline have a vision behind the service they provide so it’s very important to know if they have or not so accordingly you can decide things during designing and development of the website. 

3. What is the main objective behind launching this website?

Before you try to understand your client’s motivation, you need to understand their own. the potential client may want a website because of their need to keep up with their competition or just because they need to spend some amount of money before the year-end.  Whatever be the client’s answer to “what is the main objective behind the new website” maybe, you’re going to ask several more “whys and whats” to get to their motivations.

4. List a few websites of your competitors

This is a great question because this helps you to understand their style they like but at the same time, it’s a good chance to know what works for the competition. According to the collected data and research, you make some final suggestions which could get you on good books. 

5. List a few websites you like

This need not be their competitor, as the client may like some of the websites designed and developed which may be from different fields so it helps us to know news things and designs, etc.   

6. Do you have a hosting server or the domain of your business?

Just like the name of the domain if the client already has a hosting plan or are they looking to purchase, so you need to know whether that will be done by you’ll or not.

7. Describe your business in brief

The major problem that comes up with website projects is because of miscommunication between what the client wants and what the developer thinks the client does. Do a bit of research before meeting the potential client but also ask them about their business in detail as we cannot take the current website as a base and decide things and that’s why they want a new website. 

8. What pages do you think needs to be there in the website according to your business?

Don’t forget to ask this question, as you may think a page or two doesn’t matter much but in case of developing it takes a lot of time so it’s important to ask the client as to what all web pages they want on their website so accordingly, you know what all content, images are needed and how much time would be allowed for it.

9. List your complete product line.

In case the client deals with any specific product then we should be knowing it so they should provide all the details of the product they deal with so we can focus on them and we know what product are we exactly dealing with.

10. Who would be your target audience?

Another highly important question to be asked is what target audience are they looking to focus on, as this will tell you what kind of people the client wants to reach out to. so please ask the client to specify additional information about their target audience like the Age group, Industry, Nationality, Tastes, etc?. A site designed for college students and office employees would look completely different as a response to things that vary from person to person.  

12. Do You Have a Brand Color or any color Palette?

This looks very easy but it’s not as you have to ask two questions as to do you have any specific colors and fonts that you want us to focus on? Do you want us to use the same color on the new website too?

You need to ask this as a new website often comes when the company decides to rebrand itself so they may be looking for a change then their old one so you will have to build the design with new elements altogether. if they go with the same color and font then you need to look for such fonts that are not easily available hence this question is a little trickier. 

13. Do you have a soft copy of your company Logo? (Vector Image preferred)

It is a very vital question, like the website, can not be made without the logo as logo portrays you as a brand and also help for brand building over a while so ask the client if they can provide the soft copy of their company logo like in the following format: Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or EPS so then we will be able to use it or else we need to create a whole new logo with our designers. it’s better to ask to avoid any kind of awkward communication like do the logo in the same retainer. 

14. Please provide any images you would like included on your website.  

Without images, the website looks very boring and baseless so it’s important to have images on the website so do ask the client if they have any existing images or do you’ll need to buy the paid ones or how is it. so when you start with the website developing and designing, you need not ask if it is paid or free if they are willing to spend. 

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