10 Things to Consider when Designing an Ecommerce Website

Design an e-commerce website that is eye-catching and pleasant for visitors is not an easy task. As a web designer, you must keep in mind these pointers and accordingly design a more engaging, useful and simple website.

1. Your Design Should Match with Your Products 

Consistency plays a vital role in making your e-commerce website work. Keeping your design comprehensible with the product that you deal with will complete the overall feel and look of your site. When designing a website, make sure that everything from images, color schemes, to text, would perfectly define your website. Anyone who would visit your website should know what you’re dealing with by just looking at the design of your website. 

2. Demonstrate Proper Product and Descriptions

The purpose of your e-commerce website is to sell products, therefore it is important to highlight the items on your site. Make sure you have excellent high-quality pictures as that is what has seen my the visitors and this would help them to gauge as to how the item looks in reality. The absence of the product image and lack of information would increase your bounce rate as visitors would leave the website.  For better visibility and usability. Choose a layout that emphasizes your product on every page and don’t let your visitors find the page. 

3. Reasonable Shipping Rates or Free Shipping

We feel that most of the shoppers are attracted to those websites that offer low shipping charges or free shipping. It usually happens that you liked a product and added to cart but during checkout, you see that there are some shipping charges so the total amount payable is quite more than your budget. This makes a visitor think whether this product deserves to pay the shipping charge?. This is the reason that people often abandoned the shopping cart.

4. Appealing Shopping Cart Design

Too many designers don’t pay attention to shopping carts, but it is one of the most important parts of your website.  A good shopping cart can help users to add multiple items, revise an order, or remove products as easily as possible. When designing a shopping cart, make sure that you include all the product images, their reviews, and a convenient search bar for the same. Design quality must be appealing and simple as this will help you in attracting more shoppers which will increase your conversion rates.

5. Guest Checkout

Many e-commerce sites today require the users to first register and create an account and then make a purchase. However, this is extremely useful as it allows you to communicate and track your customers and this is not something that customers wish to share. Customers want to make every transaction as quick and impersonal as possible and not feel forced when asked to register.

It is believed that the guest checkouts help to boost your conversion rates and to reduce abandoning the cart as it removes the barrier of registration and tracking your data as security is everyone’s utmost priority. 

6. Easy Checkout Process

The easier the checkout process, the more customers are motivated to repurchase. So try not to make multiple pages for the checkout process as it would confuse the user, so a single and a simple page is good enough for consumers. This would increase your conversion rates as you have created an easy checkout page. 

7. Provide Lots of Payment Options

We have seen a lot of e-commerce sites that allows users to pay only from their visa or master card and not through any other alternative. However, if you wish to boost your sales in the long run then make sure you provide a wide range of payment options. Customers should not feel restricted with a few payment options.

8. Call to Action

Call to action is one of the most important parts of your website designing. Visitors are more likely to leave your website without interacting with any of the content in the absence of CTAs. This also helps in creating a valuable database for businesses which can then be used in the future. Cta can direct the users to take the desired action, which improves your conversion rates, and ultimately it will help you to enhance engagement and performance of landing pages. 

9. Keep Your Website Secure

All e-commerce sites are a target for hackers and so there is a huge need to keep the store secured. So the best way to make sure that your site is secured is to have an SSL to encrypt information. With an SSL certificate, you can protect your customer’s valuable information.

10. Integrate with Social Platforms

Integrating your website with social media has a lot of advantages. As now a day’s social media has become a platform to promote your brand and what new offers are going on. The data collected from visitors on social media can be used to provide suggestions on what products they may like or what are the new product which resembles their likings and reviews would build add a loyalty factor.

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